Monday, 14 April 2014


We still have some availability over Easter, if you are looking for a place to stay.  The forecast is looking good.  Hope to see you.

Friday, 6 July 2012

tudai, i got on the brekfarst tabel and nokked the milk ova, orl on evereething.  hahaha

luv merlin

Monday, 15 August 2011

me, Velvet

I am getting very big now.  I still like to give Merlin a squash.  He is a sweet little cuddly toy, I do not hurt him.  He often comes in the front door to avoid me.  Hahaha, but I get him in the end.

I know I don't really fit in this bed, but at least if I am in it, Ted or Merlin can't have it.  I am bigger than in this photo now.  Vanessa hopes I am full size, I hope I go on getting bigger, so that she cannot lift me up!

Sunday, 13 March 2011


I thinc it is abowt time i asserted mi rites to be  skwoshed les.  it is OK for a littorl wile, but then i get orl gloopee and kuvvered in Velvet spittorl.  yuck. and her tethe hert. as yu kan see, we get on wel. butt ther ar limmits.  and shee wil gett bigga and more hevi and I wil get mor skwoshed.

enuf is enuf. too skworshes a day, maximum. OK?

Tuesday, 15 February 2011


Hello.  My name is Velvet.  I have come from Many Tears rescue, I was staying with wonderful foster carers in Wales and now I live with Simon and Vanessa at Michael House. A wonderful organisation.

I am having lots of fun. Berri is great to play with, he is nice to me and we play and play. I am already in charge of him! Barney doesn't seem to want to play and the Vanessa and Simon uprights try to make me stop jumping at him and making him woof. The cats are fun. One of them hisses and spits at me and runs off, but the other one lets me squash him, I think he almost likes it. The uprights are a bit perturbed!
At first I could get out of the dog garden and run around in the main garden and even get out of that. The naughty Simon has now blocked it all up and I cannot get out any more. The cat flap is shrinking. Soon it will be too small for me. I will just push it off.

I am very good at night. I sleep in the soft crate thing, I do not make a fuss and I just ask to go out once a night. I had not weed or pood in the house for two days, but it did go a bit wrong this morning, I was playing with Berri and it was such fun and I forgot to go outside. I think the Vanessa one had got complacent as I had been so good. I think I know a lot of big words, as I am only three months old still. I am very clever.

I like the pots houseplants go in, especcially those wickery ones that people apparently give each other at Christmas with handles. The secret with them is to empty the plants and soil out over a large area of carpet first, then you can have a good chew on the wicker without eating too much soil.

I am looking forward to my first proper walk on Thursday. I am getting used to the lead, but sometimes try to pull Vanessa or Simon along. We practice in the garden. I am going to puppy classes in a few weeks, it is all booked. I can sometimes do 'stay' .


Saturday, 15 January 2011

I miss Sky too

Sky was my friend and playmate.  She chose me and welcomed me into the home, telling me who was in charge straight away.   She was.  I am sort of waiting for her, or for a new playmate, I feel a bit miserable, but I know that Sky has gone.  Barney is OK, we get along, but he is not one for playing, he gets all confused and only plays for 2 seconds, then goes away.

A lovely walk along the beach woudl help.  That is my favourite place.