Thursday, 7 January 2010


Today I had the best fun of my life. We went out in the car to somewhere called Bodmin Moor. The ground was all white and strange. When I walked my paws sank in, and I thought the world was collapsing. I just lay down until the ground stopped giving way and my tummy got cold, then tried again. But, it collapsed again and again, but only a little way (about 5 inches). Then I discovered it was fun to walk in and there was solid ground all the time underneath the white and cold stuff, which is called snow. Then I had a little run and rolled round in it and it was just brilliant. Berri ran and ran, he loved it straight away and knew all about it, and Sky just played ball and was a bit cross that it kept disappearing into the snow.
this is me on an altogether warmer day

Friday, 1 January 2010

nu yer

iff it is so speshul, a nu yer, wotteva that iz, wi havent i got a selebrashun mele, sum luvlee fishee?

luv fromm a grumpee Ted