Tuesday, 14 July 2009

im inn trubbell, agen

i korsed a grate kerfuffell bi gowing missing. agen. hahaha, now thay realli luv me and karnt stop kuddling me! i went owt for a littel wile on saterday nite, it started rayning, i fownd shelter. there was a littel dor into a big space, i went inn. it did not open owtword. i wos stukk. the peepel hu liv there did not see me the next day as i hid from them wen thay kame in the gararje. vanesser wos verri upset and luked for me orl arownd treknow, corling and making a twit ov herself. hahaha. then she fownd me. i wud not come owt at ferst, then, wen i did, i wos happi and et lots of fud.