Sunday, 27 December 2009


I am fully recovered now, so much so that I am driving Simon and Vanessa bonkers with my wellness and interest in everything that just might be edible.



Saturday, 26 December 2009


tuday i hadd a littel insident. i fel in the ponde. itt wos rayning eniway, so the Vanesser did not immediattlee realize wen shee sore me. butt wen i arsed (vannesser sniggered wen she sor i had ritten this, how rewd) tu go indors, the vanesser thort i wos inside the howse, as i meowed so lowed becoz i wos upsett. i was verri bedraggled and soggy, exsept mi hed, i kepped that owt ov the worter. itt wos verri kold in the ponde. the gests and everiwun mayd a grate bigg fuss ov mee. i may du it agen, just for the fuss. she did nott get a foto, that is gud, it wud hav bene humeowliating iff shee had, it wos not veri dignifide. i am not a veri dignifide boi, it is the tale problem agen.
butt, i am veri bewtifull.

Friday, 25 December 2009

happee kristmouse

hahaha, bitt layt with thiss, onlee 8 minits left ov thiss kristmouse.

hope yu hadd funn. I didd nott. i slept wile itt wos sunnee and then went owt wen it rayned.

luv Ted - the prittee wun, not the bluree wun, hu, insidentally, put orl the fude evereewere

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

owtrajed ov trenno

it is owtrajus that this nu kat kan just wonnder inn and gett orl the fud and wee on the flor and then get a kuddorl. and skie has a bash on her nowse and i DIDD NOTT DU itt.

here is wi it is orl rong:

I sit on Henree the huver

or the windowsill

Merlin sits in my bed. hee is not really yello, that is just the vannesser duing bad fotos.

he snuggorls up with the gests teddeee bere, in the rume no animorls ar allowd inn, I mite ad

OK, OK, acksherlli, we get on verri wel. this foto went yello and bleri, butt wee hav evern slept in the saym kat bed together. Wee both got up verri kwiklee wen the vanesser went to get her kamerer, we ar not reddi to go publik as frends yet.

he is veri messi at eting. apparentlee, it may bee becos his wiskers ar long and he dus not like the feling of them on the ej ov the bole, so tayks the fud owt.


Wednesday, 2 December 2009


hallow, mi naym is Merlin. i hav bene freesikled and kame tu liv at mikorl howse larst satterday, 28th nov. i like it heer. i like marmite, it is mi mate. i l;ike the uptite uprites, thay are funni, thay hav not gott yewsed to mi fude rekwirements yet. thay think i am funni luking, butt i thinc thay ar.
i am now corld merlin, as i am from Tintagel and i am a bit ov a wizard. i am verri soft and kuddlee