Tuesday, 3 November 2009

this woz a veegan sallerd dressing...

hahahaha, and yew thort I didn't like eneething veegan. Gotcha.

Nice bridge

Let's go, games to play


This is a big white cow that was watching me, way back in the Spring, to make sure I did not chase her. I am not that stupid, she is bigger than me and I am more of a rabbit sort of chap myself.


This is me at my favourite place, on the beach at Trebarwith Strand.


I did this, ages ago. I had all the contents of one of the guest refreshment trays all over the floor. I had the milk from some milk cartons, yummy, I tried coffee, yuck, that is only good for spreading over the carpet, and the tea, not worth bothering with, what do humans make such a fuss about it for? The hot chocolate was nice, I smeared that around on the rug as well, and had as much as I could before that interfering Vanessa found me, shouted at me and sent me back downstairs. love Barney